Stories In Flight contains experiments around storytelling and new technologies. Many of the things here will be very rough, often barely-finished prototypes and the occasional failed attempt. New items will be added whenever I can get a few of my brain cells to rub together before falling asleep, so better not hold your breath...

Of Recent Interest

Walt Mandelbrot Test
A simple Mandelbrot Set generator written in Walt and compiled to WebAssembly. It generates a Mandelbrot at full window resolution repeatedly for 10 seconds and then stops. The source is available here:

Older Projects

An experiment to visualize short texts with images pulled from a text search on Flickr. Results tend to fluctuate wildly between random and deeply meaningful. Works best with poems and song lyrics, but feel free to experiment!

An ambient website mashup of Twitter and Flickr which resulted out of the work on FlickrPoet - this app will search Twitter for recent tweets with the #haiku hashtag and will then visualize them by doing a text search on Flickr. Click and relax...

Free amateur porn movie sharing site. Download sex videos. woow

HTML5/CSS3 Cheatsheet
Some simple cut-and-paste examples of the new HTML5/CSS3 features.

CSS3 Feature: Multiple Background Images... And More!
Multiple background images allow for some fascinating new ways to style HTML elements. This page also explores the possibilities around using these new background features for animations.

Multiple Background Animation with CSS Transitions
Another method to animate multiple background images within a DIV: The new CSS Transitions.

HTML5 Audio and JavaScript Control
The new audio tag allows for simple sound integration into pages. With generated audio objects it is now also possible to create complex soundscapes for games in JavaScript.

HTML5 Audio Data API - Spectrum Visualizer
The experimental audio data API allows to access raw audio data and a processed FFT spectrum of the currently playing music through the HTML5 audio tag. Here is a small demo of the visualization potential.

HTML5 Web Audio API - Spectrum Visualizer
The Web Audio API is currently a standards proposal which has only been implemented in patched versions of Safari and Chrome - here is a version of the Spectrum Visualizer for this API.

HTML5 Feature: Ruby Annotations
An exploration of the very new and still a bit experimental ruby element in HTML5. Bring a strong browser.

JavaScript: Binary Loader
A simple AJAX solution to load binary data into a JavaScript array.

Google Font API and Font Loading Behavior
Implementation examples for the Google Font API that avoid FOUT (Flash of Unstyled Text) while the fonts are loading.

JavaScript: Sorting DIVs
By far not the first example of how to sort a group of divs in a page with JavaScript, but this one is intentionally simple - kitchen sink not included!

JavaScript: HTML5 Video with SRT Subtitles
Announcing VideoSub - an easy-to-use library that adds standards-compliant HTML5 subtitle support to any modern browser.

HTML5 Page Template With CSS3 Media Queries
A simple HTML5/CSS3 page template with variable layout for standard browsers, netbooks/iPad and mobile phone screen sizes.

CSS Sunset
Tutorial for a very nice effect using only CSS3 Gradients and a Pseudo :after Element