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Roundup for January 31, 2011

  • Today IANA allocated its last two /8 IP ranges. The Internet is now officially out of old-style IPv4 addresses.
  • Very cool: Making music with the New York subway map: by Alexander Chen
  • Google’s Julia Map fractal generator is pretty cool and a dangerous time sink:
  • Tom Leadbetter notified me (Thanks!) that the video track subtitle format has been changed from SRT to WebVTT – not sure how I feel about this, but an update to VideoSub is now certain!
  • Chrome and Safari get beta builds with the Web Audio API – this is different from the Audio Data API from the Mozilla team and there will be much confusion until these two proposed technologies have been united…

Another Blog? Yes, Another Blog.

Stories In Flight was never supposed to have a blog simply because I didn’t think I would have the time for more writing. But then recently I started to take notes about interesting things I’d found online that were worth following up on or at least something I didn’t want to forget or bury forever in my bookmarks file…

So I decided to use a blog on this site as a semi-daily repository of HTML5/Css3/JavaScript news. The posts here are first of all for myself, but if you find it interesting, feel free to tell your friends about it! Thanks!